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Tap water is safe to drink in most areas of Portugal!

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In Portugal, the Sales Tax or the VAT (Value Added Tax) is known as IVA.

If your country of residence is outside of the European Union, you may request a IVA refund for your purchases. Travellers to Portugal are entitled to a reimbursement of the IVA they pay on all purchases as long as the purchases add up to no less than the Minimum Expenditure threshold in the same store and on the same day. The vendor must provide the purchaser with the receipt(s) and a duly filled out invoice form which includes the price of each good, the IVA paid for each item, as well as the identification (name and address) for both vendor and purchaser. The goods must be brought out of the European Union within three months from the date of purchase.

IVA tax is added to rates for all restaurants and to all accommodation. Service is included. This IVA tax on services is not refundable.

At the time of departure from Portugal (..or from the last European Union territory country visited during the same travel journey), and before you check in for your flight (..and check your baggage), you must bring your receipt(s) and the merchandise purchased (..this is in case the officer wishes to inspect your purchases) to the Portuguese Customs in order for them to process your IVA refund claim (..there is a specific booth for this purpose prior to passing thru security). The Customs agent will stamp your receipt(s) and provide you with further directions.

Portugal's IVA rates and refund threshold
Area Type Percentage Minimum Expenditure
Mainland Normal 23% €61.35
Mainland Reduced 13% €56.36
Mainland Super Reduced 6% €52.87
Azores Normal 16% €57.87
Madeira Normal 22% €60.85

Tax Free Portugal 

Travelers from countries outside the European Union and over 17 years old, may bring in the following items without incurring customs duty: 2 bottles of table wine, 1 bottle of hard liquor, 2L of beer, 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco, 1.75 ounces of perfume and small quantities of tea or coffee for personal use; further goods up to €175 per adult or €90 if under 15 years of age (NOTE: bringing fresh meat into Portugal is forbidden).


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