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"Villamoura" offers some of the finest array of culinary temptations

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Food & Beverages... The Best Travel Guide of Praia da Luz

It surely hasn't escaped you that Portuguese food and food experiences have been racking up accolades and column inches in international food & travel magazines and on foodie blogs.

Some of the most popular and traditional soups in the Portuguese cuisine are Açorda (bread soup), Caldo Verde (kale soup) and Gazpacho (a soup of tomatoes, cucumber, onions, garlic, chillies and vinegar).

Many Portuguese dishes are made from fish such as Bacalhau (salted cod). Other popular fish include Sardinhas (sardines), Carapaus (mackerels), Dourada (sea bream), Corvina (croaker), Robalo (sea bass), Peixe Espada (swordfish), Polvo (octopus) and Lulas (squids). Shellfish such as clams, prawns, mussels, oysters, lobsters and crabs are also very popular. Why not try a Caldeirada? A traditional stew made with fish, shellfish, vegetables and white wine.

As for the meat lovers, pork is quite popular around Portugal, such as Leitão Assado (roast suckling pig) a Central Portugal traditional dish or, Carne de Porco à Alentejana (pork cubes marinated in wine, homemade fries and garnished with clams). Frango Grelhado Piri-Piri (grilled chicken seasoned with Piri Piri spices, garlic and olive oil). Espetadas (grilled skewers of beef or pork) and Feijoada (meat stew with kidney or butter beans), are quite popular throughout Portugal. Why not try a Cozido à Portuguesa? One of the most appreciated dishes of the Portuguese gastronomy, a traditional stew of different meats such as beef, pork, sausages accompanied with potatoes, vegetables and rice.

When it comes to dessert, Pasteis de Nata (small cream tarts), crunchy pastries that are positively addictive. Pão de Ló (orange or lemon sponge cake) can easily be found throughout Portugal. Why not try the Bolinhos de Amêndoa, also known as Almendrados do Algarve (small almond cakes) a regional culinary delicacy.

You'll just love the scrumptious mouth-watering Portuguese cuisine and the many distinguished and renowned national wines. Some of the country's specialties are Vinho Verde (green wine), Madeira (fortified wine) and Vinho do Porto (Port wine). As for liqueurs, there is Beirão (double distilled exotic herbs and seeds) and Ginjinha, also known as Ginja (cherry-like ginja berries fermented in brandy). Try the local Firewater Aguardente de Medronho! Beer drinkers can cool off the hot summer days with good brands such as Sagres, Cristal, Super Bock and other National or International well known brands.


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