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Travel... The Best Travel Guide of Praia da Luz

To make sure you are well prepared and have a safe and fun holiday at Praia da Luz, here's a list of things that you should consider doing before your departure to Portugal

  • Get "Travel Insurance" and ensure that the cover is appropriate for your holiday.
  • Get a good guidebook, browse the web and get to know your destination. Find out about local laws and customs.
  • Ensure you have a valid passport and all necessary visas (if required).
  • If you take any medication, make sure that you have enough for the duration of your stay.
    Always carry some extras, in case that you end up staying a few more days or that you encounter any flight delays.
    Ensure any prescribed medicines are on your person or in your hand luggage. If you are unfortunate enough to be parted from your hold luggage en route, you will not be parted from your health support. Make sure they are properly labeled according to the "Transportation Security Administration" requirements.
    Take the information leaflet about your medication and keep it separate from your medication just in case you run out of pills or lose your medication.
  • Make copies of your passports, insurance policies plus the 24-hour emergency phone number and the tickets details. Leave the copies with family and friends before you leave.
  • Take enough money for your trip and have some back-up funds eg. travelers cheques, Pounds or US dollars.
  • Alert your bank and credit card companies before you depart, so that they won't be alarmed by out-of-town charges and ATM withdrawals.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary and if possible, a way of contacting you such as an e-mail address, with family and friends.
  • Take pictures of your clothes, shoes, and jewelry, which will serve as documentation if your bag is lost or stolen. Download the shots onto your home computer, just in case.

When you fly across time zones, not only you'll feel the shift in time but, the differing amounts of light can change your internal body clock, resulting in a condition known as Jet Lag.
There are some things you can do to combat jet lag. For example, if you're flying from east to west, go for a short walk as soon as possible after you arrive. If you're traveling from west to east, you should stay out of the sun until the day after your arrival.


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